The Gemini Carpet Cleaning Twins Daryl and Dave Bryer
Daryl and Dave Bryer

Bryer Brothers Rug Company is a subsidiary of Gemini Enterprises Inc. (Gemini Carpet Cleaning) and was founded in 1981 by two women named Cheryl G. Bryer and Cheryl K. Bryer. No they are not twins, but their husbands, Daryl and Dave are.

A non-compete clause in a contract they had with their previous employer kept Daryl and Dave in Omaha while Chery and Cherie were busy handing out flyers to residential customers and making cold calls on local Lincoln businesses, making contacts and building relationships, many of which still exist today.

Growth of the business in the beginning was brisk but profits were low, so the girls added house cleaning to their list for an extra income. After the completion of their one year sabbatical in Omaha, Daryl and Dave returned to Lincoln. Working out of a dining room and then a garage, the four new entrepreneurs worked day and night to fulfill their dreams.

In 1986, they moved to their present location, a 4000 square foot building. With some of their earned money and a lot of help from family and friends, they transformed a building in Lincoln into a home for their expanding business.

When you come to Bryer Brothers, they hope you feel at home and sense a family atmosphere.

Over the last 29 years they have employed four daughters, one son, one older brother, one nephew, one daughter in-law, one son in-law, two grandchildren and several very special people. They currently employ a staff, who’s combined work experience with the company totals over 225 years.

Bryer Brothers offer brand name products in carpet, vinyl, laminate, pre-finished wood, bamboo and cork flooring and many window fashions. The subsidiary carpet cleaning business, Gemini Carpet Cleaning is also a big part of the picture.

The company’s services take them into over 3000 homes and businesses a year.

Lincoln has been fortunate to have had many good carpet cleaning, floor covering and window fashion companies over the years, and Bryer Carpet and Blinds would like to be a big part of this.

Advertising as always is a way to boost the business, but the referrals from satisfied customers is what keeps them growing.

Thank you Lincoln!

Welcome to Bryer Brothers.